The association develops its projects in two ways: on the one hand, in Badalona, where it is dedicated to the orientation and training of those immigrants in difficult situations when it comes to communicating in the language of our country; and on the other hand, in Kabul, Afghanistan, promoting the education of disadvantaged children.

Our philosophy is to foster self-confidence and the resilience of our students to make them independent.

All the contributions we get are channeled directly into a network job. We optimize public and private resources to offer a quality service with minimum expenses. We do not have salaried personnel nor do we have our own real estate or facilites, but the partners or benefactors make their spaces available to carry out our activities.

What Do We Do

Bridges for Peace has currently two projects: One in Badalona, where it provides language training for immigrants in difficult situations and another in Kabul, Afghanistan, where it provides education for children that come from underprivileged backgrounds.

Our philosophy is to foster self-confidence and self-reliance in our students to encourage them to become independent. All donations that we get are channeled directly into the training programs in Catalonia and Kabul. We optimize public and private resources to offer quality services with minimum expenses. Currently, Bridges for Peace does not have paid personnel, nor does it have its own infrastructure; the partners or benefactors make their spaces available, so we can implement our activities or projects.


Bridges for Peace is a non-profit, non-governmental, and non-denominational organization based on voluntary contribution from donors. The purpose of Bridges for Peace is to promote and create a culture of peace and learning.


Bridges for Peace is a volunteer and community-based organization devoted to providing language training for newly arrived immigrants in Barcelona and a number of sponsorship projects for disadvantaged children in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make women and young girls independent through learning and education and to boost their self-confidence and morale.

How our projects work?



We offer language training classes, leisure time, and good atmosphere to the newly arrived immigrants. Our goal with these classes is to fight illiteracy among people who did not have the opportunity to study in their country of origin.


The volunteers give information about the existing resources in the city to the participants who have language difficulties. The volunteers will carry out campaigns about the benefits of learning and knowing in their local languages.


Our aim is to promote autonomy and personal growth through integration work and social inclusion.


We promote educational and learning projects in favor of peace to dismantle rumors and stereotypes. We foster knowledge, reflection, and dialogue through lectures, exhibitions, activities and didactic materials, training courses, conferences, and more to make the community aware. We generate knowledge on issues related to education between Asia and Europe. We collaborate with other entities that work with the same purpose.



Sponsorship by Bridges for Peace is carried out in a direct way. Each sponsor allows a child to go to school, be able to buy his/her books and uniform and have one meal at school.


We organize educational workshops for the sponsored children to provide them with a space where they get a chance to be with other children of the same age group and learn by doing activities together.


The coaches are the older students of the school, who offer their support in the school workshops.


The entity buys and has in store reading books. We offer those books to the students of the school so that all of them can take advantage and enjoy reading them.